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Belle Isle Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital located in Sandy Springs just 10 minutes north of Atlanta. Our veterinarians blend the latest in medical technology with personal care you can trust. Conveniently located just inside the Atlanta perimeter, Dr. Riva Wolkow and Dr. Carrie Unger pride themselves on practicing the highest quality veterinary medicine available. The friendly and experienced staff is committed to helping pet owners better understand how to manage every aspect of their pet’s health. We provide a wide array of services including the latest in preventative medicine, vaccinations, routine exams, boarding and grooming. Our brand new state of the art veterinary hospital is fully equipped with all the latest in diagnostic and surgical equipment, and our dedicated staff is trained in advanced techniques to keep your pet healthy and happy. Come visit our Sandy Springs office anytime to see for yourself why people are so excited about the new Belle Isle Animal hospital. After all, your pet deserves the best!

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New Technology for Your Pet: The Benefits of Laser Therapy

October 1st, 2014 by

Belle Isle Animal Hospital is pleased to announce the arrival of the K-Laser!  Over the last decade, laser therapy has emerged as an outstanding new tool in veterinary medicine.  One of the leading uses of laser therapy is pain management. The laser creates optimal healing conditions and increases healing circulation to help your four-legged friend get back on their paws faster. This treatment dramatically helps to decrease inflammation, arthritis, and pain.  Laser therapy is “biostimulatory,” meaning it actually aids in repairing the damaged tissues and therefore, improves strength and provides great mobility. Laser therapy is especially beneficial to those patients that cannot be on NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-noninflammatory) due to underlying liver or kidney issues. All without sedation and there are no adverse side effects! Check out this video for a quick introduction to laser therapy.

There are numerous conditions that respond favorably to laser therapy, including:

-Osteoarthritis, joint pain, and hip dysplasia

-Ligament sprains, muscle strains, and fractures

-Neck and back pain and inter-vertebral disc disease

-Puncture and bite wounds, post-surgical pain (incisions), lick granulomas, feline acne, and burns

-Ear infections

-Pain relief following tooth extraction, stomatitis, and sinusitis

-Cystitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and anal sacculitis

Treatments last 3 to 8 minutes per site. Your pet will be very comfortable as this laser produces only a soothing warmth in the inflamed tissue. Laser therapy for chronic conditions can require 5 to 8 treatments to see optimal pain relief. Booster treatments are then required every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain reduced pain and improved mobility.  Here’s a clip about the science behind laser therapy.

Here are just a few testimonials from real patients with real results!

For more information you can visit or call one of our staff  at 404-252-3587 to learn more about this exciting, new technology!


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