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Belle Isle Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital located in Sandy Springs just 10 minutes north of Atlanta. Our veterinarians blend the latest in medical technology with personal care you can trust. Conveniently located just inside the Atlanta perimeter, Dr. Riva Wolkow and Dr. Carrie Unger pride themselves on practicing the highest quality veterinary medicine available. The friendly and experienced staff is committed to helping pet owners better understand how to manage every aspect of their pet’s health. We provide a wide array of services including the latest in preventative medicine, vaccinations, routine exams, boarding and grooming. Our brand new state of the art veterinary hospital is fully equipped with all the latest in diagnostic and surgical equipment, and our dedicated staff is trained in advanced techniques to keep your pet healthy and happy. Come visit our Sandy Springs office anytime to see for yourself why people are so excited about the new Belle Isle Animal hospital. After all, your pet deserves the best!

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Dental Health

January 21st, 2016 by



February is Pet Dental Health Month!

Did you know that pets suffer from dental disease just like people do? One of the worst things about dental disease is the pain. Dogs and cats don’t always show how uncomfortable they are. Pets can have very serious dental problems, such as infected teeth, jawbone abscesses or fractured teeth and never say, “ouch” or hold their paw to their jaw, but they do hurt! Many times, when these problems are corrected, a pet’s entire personality can change. They often become more social, interactive and playful because they are no longer in pain.

So, how do you check for dental disease in your pet? First, look for yellow or brown color of the teeth, not just in the front teeth, but also the back part of the mouth. While this sounds very simple, most pet owners never lift their pet’s lip and look inside the mouth, so… Lift The Lip! Next, just smell the breath. It may not be minty fresh but it should not be foul smelling. If it is, bad bacteria have already set up and are working on infecting the gum and even loosening the attachment of the teeth to the jawbone. This means that dental disease has been progressing for months or years without you knowing.

bad breath cat and dog


A complete veterinary dental exam is necessary to discover hidden dental disease. Most veterinarians today use a 12-step process for this procedure. This assures that nothing is missed and all problems are properly treated. The steps include: a history and physical exam, an oral survey checking for such things as cancer and missing teeth, ultrasonic scaling of the teeth and subgingival scaling. Subgingival scaling is critically important. This involves removing tartar and debris from the part of the tooth you can’t see – the part under the gum. This is where infection sets up. Following the exam and cleaning, a complete polishing is done to remove irregularities in the enamel in order to slow future accumulation of tartar. Next, the gum pockets are flushed and treated with antiseptic. The next step includes compete charting of every tooth and the surrounding gum and bone tissue. Using a dental probe, the gum line around each tooth is probed for pockets where infection may exist. The location and depth of each pocket is recorded in the medical record, just as you have seen done at your own dentist’s office. In some instances, a complete set of dental x-rays is taken. Dental x-rays have become the standard of care in veterinary practice. Without them, it is impossible to find many of the most serious dental problems such as fractured teeth, abscesses and developmental problems. Only by taking x-rays can you know the complete health status of your pet’s mouth. Finally, a treatment plan is developed for the problems found. All necessary treatments are done and instructions are given for home care and any follow-up care that is needed. Pet owners are also taught ways to provide at home dental care to help keep their pet’s mouth and teeth healthy.

In order to perform a proper dental exam and treatment, it is essential that the pet be under anesthesia. Anesthesia today is very safe, using the most modern medications, anesthetic gases and monitoring by skilled technicians. We have all pets under anesthesia monitored by Veterinary Technicians trained in anesthesia protocols and monitoring. Care for a veterinary patient under anesthesia is very similar to that of a human patient.


So, to ensure your pet’s health and comfort, lift your pet’s lip and look at the teeth. Then call Belle Isle Animal Hospital for a complete dental exam and treatment. This care is not expensive when you consider the complications and pain associated with untreated dental disease. In recognition of Pet Dental Health Month, we offering 20% off dental services during February.


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